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No, the Federal Republic of Germany does not protect Jewish life

I. In his speech in the Jerusalem Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem on occasion of the 75. anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination camp, German Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier made the following promise:

We fight antisemitism! Wir resist the poison that is nationalism! We protect Jewish life! We stand with Israel!“

Then he added:

„Here at Yad Vashem, I renew this promise before the eyes of the world.“

The Federal President is lying in Yad Vashem, before the eyes of the world, for of course „we“ don‘t do that at all: We do not fight antisemitism but we introduce a yellow star of David for jewish-made products. We conceive Germany to be a moral super-power, and we invade other countries with our unsolicited advice on a daily basis, for we have a government that knows better and believes that from our being there shall arise the world‘s well-being, sustainedly. We do not protect Jewish life, but we pay the terrorist organization of the PLO that also calls itself the Palestine Autonomy Authority, for their killing of Jews. The Hizbollah, having murdered Jews in Israel, Bulgaria, and Argentina, pointing over 130.000 missiles towards Israel and digging tunnels in order to abduct and kill Israeli citizens, is not not prohibited in Germany, but is entitled to collect donations and recruit members unimpededly.

No, Germany does not stand with Israel. Who keeps voting for almost every resolution against Israel in the United Nations, thus taking care that this institution is abused by the dictators of the world to put a single country to the pillory, while the worst tyrants of the world are being granted a clean billGermany. Who voted against the liberal party FDP application in the German houses of parliament, calling upon a change of voting behaviour of the Federal German Government? The Federal German Government. Who sends a „from Germany, with love“ to Teheran for the anniversary of the „Islamic Revolution“? The German Federal President. Who founded an interest corporation to the interest of enforcing regime trade interests of Iran with the European Union? The German Federal Government. Who bows to the grave of arch-terrorist Yassir Arafat, twining wreaths for a terrorist? The German Federal President.

As many readers may know, the Palestinian Autonomy Authority is paying any terrorist being arrested for assaulting Israeli citizens a high pension; in case of being killed in his own attack, the money is granted to his family. It is a bounty for Jewish civilians, being raised for a great part by the German tax payers. In August 2019, just six days after the killing of 17-year-old Israeli Rina Shnerb, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier welcomedMahmud Abbas in Berlin; just the person calling permanently upon the killing of Jews, praising murderers as „heroes“ and „martyrs“, honoring murder with money.

The German Federal Government boasted towards the press in being the „greatest bilateral donor“:„Last year we have granted 110 million EURO.“ That amounts to even more than a third of the EURO 300 million spent for the killing year after year by the Palestine Autonomy Authority for the homicide of Jews. The very terrorists engaged in the bombing of Jerusalem‘s Sbarro Pizza restaurant, in which 15 people were killed on the 9th of August 2001, eight of them children, have since pocketed from the Palestine Autonomy Authority almost one million dollar reward. The Fatah-terrorist Ahlam Tamimi, svengali of the attack, received over USD 50.000, bomb-maker Abdullah Barghouti more than USD 200.000. „From 1965 until now, this matter is sacred to us. The Martyrs and their families are sacred, [and so are] the wounded and the prisoners. We must pay all of them. If one penny remains in our hands it is for them and not for the living“, saysMahmud Abbas, president of the Palestine Autonomy Authority (PA), who, a couple of days ago, went into the 16th year of his four-year presidential term.

II. German terror support – the statement by the Federal Government

Quite some of the reader may recall a couple of my questions in late summer of 2019 to the press office of the German Foreign Department about their position towards the Palestine Autonomy Authority, upon which I requested an answer: Whether Mahmud Abbas really was the legally elected president of the PA and whether chancellor Angela Merkel had talked with him, on the occasion of his visit to Berlin on 29th August, 2019, about the rewards payed by the PA to the murderers of Jews and their families. Spokeswoman Franciska Obermeyer first pretended to answer my questions which in fact she did not. Upon insisting she brazenly claimed to have already answered and upon further demand she did not respond at all but preferred to play possum. The German Federal Government would rather have put the whole issue aside.

But now AfD member-of-parliament Beatrix von Storch raised a parlamentary inquiry to the Federal Government in December, picking up on some of the questions the Foreign Ministry had refused to answer. What was the reaction of the Federal Government? Instead of playing possum - impossible, in this case - it played jackass. In the following, we document the inquiry by the member-of-parliament and the answers by the Federal Government, upon I will comment thereafter.

1. German tax money for murderers of Jews

Inquiry: Has the Federal Government ever called the President of the Palestine Autonomy Authority upon a halt of payments of „Martyr Pensions“ to imprisoned terrorists and / or their families, and, if so, where has this call by the Federal Government been documented?

Answer by the Federal Government: It is referred to the answer by the Federal Government to the Small Inquiry of the faction „Alliance 90 / The Green Party“ (Printed Parliament Matter 19/12718 of 27th August, 2019), especially to the answer to question 13.

My comment: Let us have a look, what‘s in the document to which the Government is referring:

According to information by the Palestine Authority, 11.500 Palestinians are obtaining a prisoner‘s pension of a grand total of EUR 120 million. The budget of the Palestine Authority for the year of 2017 provided a grand total of EUR 283 million of payments for prisoners and surviving dependants. The Federal Government has demanded the need for a reform of the long-established system of payment for both prisoners and surviving dependants on different diplomatic levels from the Palestinian side repeatedly in the recent years and will continue to do so. The Federal Government, both via its Representative Bureau in Ramallah and by common European representation in Jerusalem and Ramallah, is engaged in talks with the Palestine Authority on a regular basis in order to achieve a further reform of the system of payments to perisoners and surviving dependantsThe German Representative Bureau and the French General Consulate have considered this issue together with the Palestine Prime Minister-designate, Mohammed Shtayyeh, on 18th March, 2019. A further talk was held between Prime Minister Shtayyeh and the heads of the European Representations in Jerusalem and Ramallah on the 16th of April, 2019.

The Federal Government therefore claims to have „addressed“ and „considered“ the issue of terror pensions. Whether is has called upon their immediate halt, we do not even know! We have every reason to suppose that it did not. For if it had urged the PA to no longer reward the murderers of Jews, it would have said so, wouldn‘t it? Which it did not, and that isdisturbing. What the so wise addressed have been answering, this also remains remote from our knowledge. What is the purpose of such cloak-and-secretiveness? Might it not as well be that the Palestine Autonomy Autority never came across the abashment of having to resist German urges upon an immediate seize of „martyr pensions“ just because Germany has never been posing such an urge at all? 

Perky is the wording by the Federal Government, that it wanted to achieve a further reform of the system of payments to prisoners and surviving dependants. Further? What reform has there been implemented thus far? Need for a reform, in the first place: What a horrific euphemism! In need of a reform, according to Google, are, among other German issues, the electric energy market, the education of educators, the waste recycling system, the fixed-price system for the distribution of pharmaceutical products, the Christian Welfare in Bückeburg, and the selectory admission system for medical students to the University of Jena.

The current case is about the killing of Jews, like 17-year-old Rina Shnerb, because of their being Jews, and the perpetrators and their families receiving life-long pensions upon indirect payment of the German tax payers! If the German Federal Government does not recognize in this a moral disaster in need of being stopped immediately, while still talking about the need for a reform of the long-established system – as if the killing of Jews was a precious tradition, an old tree not to be moved, then it clearly bears witness as to which priority this government is willing to give to all this: zero. It does not aim at changing the slightest bit of it. The Federal Government is paying the murderers of Jews, and upon inquiring, the Government answers that there would be talks held about that on a regular basis. How does this match Steinmeier‘s claim: „We protect Jewish life!“? The truth is: We pay for the extermination of Jewish life.

2. German Support for the dictator Mahmud Abbas

Inquiry: Is Mahmud Abbas, from the viewpoint of the Foreign Ministry, the legitimatand legally elected President of thePalestine Autonomy Authorityand by which electoral result can this be deduced according to the Federal Government?

Answer by the Federal Government: Mahmud Abbas is the President of the Palestinian Authority. Moreover, it is referred to the Answer by the Federal Government to the Small Inquiry by the faction of „Alliance 90 / The Green Party“ (Printed Parliament Matter 19/12718 of 27th August, 2019), especially to the answer to question 25.

My comment: It is quite cheeky how the Federal Government does not answer the inquiry of an MP. It had been asked whether Abbas, from the viewpoint of the Foreign Ministry, was the legitimate and legally elected President of the Palestinian Autonomy Authority. The Federal Government says: He is the President. That was not the question. If a driver is stopped by the police and asked to show his driving licence, does ist suffice for him to state that he is sitting behind the wheel?

Let us again have a look what is written in the text the Government is referring to. In Question 25 of the Small Inquiry the inquirers of the faction „Alliance 90 / The Green Party“ demanded information about whether the „Federal Government is seeing the potential for violent inner-palestinian confrontation in the West Bank due to the unsettled question of succession to the Palestine President Abbas“. In other words: They are taking into account an imminent death of Abbas. This should not be the way of succession for the office and position of a democratic head-of-state. The Federal Government answers that it demands a „strengthening of democratic and legitimate principles in the Palestinian Autonomy Authority“, and that „transparent and democratic procedures in the filling of central leading posts would add considerably to the social support of Palestine administration“.

This is not about the filling of the headmaster‘s post of a primary school but about a brutal dictator in control of everything, not permitting elections and not intending to resign in his lifetime. Is it by mere coincidence that the Federal Government is avoiding the term „elections“? Does someone sound like that, urging a dictator to resign? One has to keep in mind that we are having a Federal President who has been insulting US President Donald Trump by calling him a „preacher of hate“. That‘s a term he would probably never use with respect to Mahmud Abbas saying: „We won’t allow Jews with their filthy feet to defile our Al-Aqsa Mosque... we bless every drop of blood... that has been spilled for Jerusalem”.

3. The Position of the Federal Government towards the Oslo Treaty

Inquiry: Has the PA, according to the assessement by the Federal Government, implemented the Israeli-Palestine Interim Treaty of 1995-9-28 (Oslo II) and thus complied with its obligation to not tolerate any armed groups in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip apart from the Palestine Police and the Israeli armed forces (Art. XIV, Par. 3), to enhance in the relationship to Israel „mutual understanding and tolerance“ and to refrain from agitation and hostile propaganda (Art. XXII, Par. 1) and to not pursue any foreign policy on its own, meaning the PA would not establish any embasssies and consulates abroad such that there will also not be any foreign diplomatic offices in the West Bank or in the Gaza Strip (Art. IX, Par. 5a)?

Answer by the Federal Government (1): „In the course of the Near East peace process, the Federal Government has called the conflicting parties upon a resumption of direct negotiations repeatedly, with the aim of a comprehensive peace treaty, and furthermore it has admonished the parties to completely comply with their obligations that arise from international law and the agreements contracted beforehand. Furthermore, it is referred to the Answer by the Federal Government to the Small Inquiry by the faction of „Alliance 90 / The Green Party“ (Printed Parliament Matter 19/12718 of 27th August, 2019), especially to the answers to questions 1, 9, and 16.“

My comment: The answers mentioned do not at all deal with the disarmament of terrorist groups. The inquirers of „Alliance 90 / The Green Party“ had – as one might have expected – not inquired about that at all. In these questions and answers, only an alleged Israeli misconduct is addressed: The „expansion of settlements in the West Bank“ was an „obstacle on the way to a peaceful solution of the conflict“, they state. That the killing of Jews and the calls upon such killing might be an obstacle on the way to a peaceful solution, this does neither come to the minds of the inquirers nor to those of the Federal Government. There is not a single word by the Federal Government about the disarmament of armed groups like the Al Aqsa Brigades, the Hamas, the PFLP, and the Islamic Jihad (as, by Art. XIV, Par. 3 of the Oslo-II-Treaty, appealed to by Yassir Arafat and the PA). The PA has never complied with anything it promised in the Oslo Treaties, and the German Federal Government is backing this conduct against international law by benevolent silence and covering-up and therefore is by its own conduct acting against international law, particulary on account of the EU, the then-summoned witness of and attestor to the treaties.

Requirements are made by the Federal German Government, as ever, only to one side: the Israeli. A peace treaty that only obliges one side to comply with! - Yet there are people who, again and again, wonder why this has not entailed peace. As far as agitation and glorification of terrorists are concerned, the German Federal Government says: not a single word. Not only it does not answer my question, it also does not answer the inquiry of a MP. 

Answer by the Federal Government (continued): „The German-Palestine contacts are in accordance with Article IX of the Interim Treaty about the West Jordan Territory and the Gaza Strip of 24th September, 1995 (Oslo II). Germany is represented in the occupied territories by the Representative Office in Ramallah. The Berlin-based Palestinian diplomatic mission does not have the state of an embassy to Germany.“

My comment: The Federal Government is lying. In Art. IX, Par. 5 of the Interim Treaty, the PA explicitly commits itself to undertake no foreign policy. Literally, the treaty states that

„...the Council will not have powers and responsibilities in the sphere of foreign relations, which sphere includes the establishment abroad of embassies, consulates or other types of foreign missions and posts or permitting their establishment in the West Bank or the Gaza Strip, the appointment of or admission of diplomatic and consular staff, and the exercise of diplomatic functions.“

III. Victims of terror calling Germany and the EU upon a reversal

11-year old Israeli girl Ayala Shapira suffered most severe burns in her face and torso in 2015, when Arab-Palestinian terrorist threw Molotov-Cocktails into the car her father was driving when returning home. She spent eight month in hospitaland had to undergo numerous operations. In 2017, she made her way to the EU parliament in order to call the financiers of terror like our Federal Government upon a reversal. Avala‘s mother gave an account of the assassination, the following martyrdom, and she explained, what this was to do with Europe:

My brave Ayala, suffering in dignity, has to wear compression suits for twenty hours a day. She may not espose herself to sunlight, inflicting severely upon her freedom to move. She cannot travel, she cannot participate in out-of-school events or go to the youth club by herself. She must be driven to all activities. We must control every school activity before she can participate, and twice a month she must go to hospital. On a regular basis, there is ‚minor‘ surgeryWhile our lives have changed, the life of the terrorists also has changed. They are receiving a monthly pension by the PA – in reward for the terrorist attack. This money they are receiving from you, the countries of the European Union, transferring hundreds of millions of EURO to the PA, without any control. By doing this, the countries represented by this parliament are causing the killings of Israelis. All this is made possible by European tax payers. Hundreds of millions of EÙRO are transferred to the PA on an annual basis, which supports, among other groups, the Palestine Prisoner Organization, schools that are named after terrorists that have murdered children, schools that call upon terrorism, and other things.

Ayala herself said:

One of the terrorists who threw the Molotov-cocktail to our car was a 16-year-old boy – just a few years older than I am. He did that, apart from other motivations, in order to support his family: He knew, if he was imprisoned, the PA would support his family. … I would like you to remember that sometimes, when you believe you are contributing to a cause of peace, in fact you are contributing to murder, pain, and war.

Conclusion: Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier bows to the murderers of Jews. The Federal Government broadly supports them and pays their pensions. Even if an MP inquires about the Near-East policy of the German Federal Government, she does not receive answers, neither comprehensive nor truthful. The Federal Government and the Federal President keep talking about the protection of Jewish lives and standing with Israel, but in the face of truth, they always stand with the foes of Israel and keep supporting the murderers of Jews. They help to make out of murderers respectable partners on diplomatic parquet, and to make the extermination machinery more effective, by means of German money. At the same time, they mimic Israel‘s best buddies - and thumb their noses at the victims like Ayala and her family.


Thanks to Jesko Matthes for translation. Wir danken Jeso Matthes für die Übersetzung.  The german article  you can find here.


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Hans-Peter Dollhopf / 28.01.2020

I hereby apologise for the offensive attitude of the German Federal President towards his own people.

S. Marek / 28.01.2020

The German Federal Government is acting in accordance to then announced spirit of Adolf Hitler and elaborated and decided in detail during the Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942, on the extermination of the European Jews under the synonym “The Final Solution of the Jewish Question”. In order to ensure the continuity of this project, A. Hitler convinced M. Amin al-Husseini of his plans in Berlin, November 28, 1941, and won him as a partner in the project.  Heil Merkel

Gerhard Sauer / 28.01.2020

The Israelis must have a masochistic disposition; there is no other explanation for the fact that they invited Steinmeier to the memorial service in Yad Vashem. Steinmeier’s actions identify him as an unteachable enemy of the Jews. Somebody who lays a wreath at Ararfat’s grave or pays homage to the mullahs’ regime in Iran, which is committed to the annihilation of Israel, let’s see his real attitude, which can not be concealed by a few feigned words. He has never expressed disgust to the PLO for paying head premiums for killing Israelis. Maybe he doesn’t like this, at least it does not touch him. He can live well with the fact that the premiums are paid out of money that flows from the federal government to the PLO. Steinmeier wears a mask that does not cover him up, but disfigures it for recognition.

Gudrun Dietzel / 28.01.2020

Danke, liebe Frau Grimm. Vom IPad ging es nicht, aber vom Computer. Meine Söhne finden ihre Mutter technisch etwas unterbelichtet, was wiederum bewiesen wäre.

Ilona Grimm / 28.01.2020

@Gudrun Dietzel: Wenn Sie den Beitrag aufgerufen haben, drücken Sie STRG L (oder CTRL L) und STRG C, dann haben Sie den Link markiert und (ins RAM) kopiert und können ihn anschließend in Ihre E-Mail oder sonstwo digital einfügen. Auf diese Weise verschicke ich Links zu Achse-Beiträgen etc.

Gudrun Dietzel / 28.01.2020

Ich möchte die englische Version nach Israel schicken, bin aber nicht bei Facebook und Twitter. Welche Möglichkeiten gibt es? Danke.

P. Werner Lange / 28.01.2020

Sehr geehrter Herr Matthes, vielen Dank für diese Übersetzung des Beitrages von Herrn Frank. Mein Englisch ist gut genug für die Korrespondenz mit Freunden und Bekannten, löst aber wohl ein wenig Skepsis aus, wenn ich mich komplizierteren Zusammenhängen zuwende. Ihre Übersetzung gibt mir die Möglichkeit, nun im Sinne der sattsam geforderten “Weltoffenheit” tätig zu werden.

Dr. Phil Omanski / 28.01.2020

ein kleiner Fehler: “Wir resist the poison that is nationalism” Nicht gerade die beste Übersetzung, von einem deutschen Muttersprachler gemacht - aber egal.

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