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Grüner Reibach auf Kosten der Armen: Al Gore hat den Nobelpreis für Ökonomie verdient

As the international food crisis makes its way onto America’s front pages, climate realists have watched in amazement the groundswell of finger-pointing at ethanol. In the last 30 days alone, over 3,000 news reports have discussed the biofuel’s connection to rising prices and grain shortages across the globe. Yet, with all this overdue attention on the folly of turning food into fuel, Nobel Laureate Al Gore — who has advocated the expansion of biofuels for decades, and is himself invested in companies at the forefront of such technologies — has thus far escaped scrutiny.

Such convenient cloaking comes despite Gore actually promoting some of his ethanol-related investments — including Amyris Biotechnologies and AltraBiofuels — at a conference in Monterey, California, back in March.

Amyris is “developing a gasoline substitute that contains more energy than ethanol, will result in lower cost and less polluting biofuel blends, and is fully compatible with today’s cars and the existing petroleum infrastructure.” That’s the good news; on the flipside: “Both [its] gasoline substitute and [its] diesel substitute will be made from the same feedstocks and production plants that are used to make ethanol.”

For its part, AltraBiofuels is working on future cellulosic models, but the “millions of gallons of biofuel” it currently produces are “primarily ethanol from corn.” Which means that both of these companies in Al Gore’s portfolio are intricately linked to the current and future demand on grains.

Making matters worse, the venture capital group Gore joined in November, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, also has investments in Amyris and AltraBiofuels. One of the key partners of this firm, John Doerr, is advocating legislation that would expand biofuel usage at exactly the time when we should be rethinking this entire process.

Add it up, and you’ve got an astounding number of dollars invested in agritechnology companies by Gore and folks connected to him, who together possess extraordinary clout and access to Congress, and who are also willing to spend $300 million on a public-relations campaign to create (at least the impression of) a public movement for legislative action to “solve” anthropogenic global warming — all with the green media’s blessing.

Yet, as more and more attention is placed on the impact ethanol is having on food crops internationally, these same press members continue to ignore the former vice president’s business ties to biofuel. ...

Think about it:

Gore and his business associates have now admitted their investments in biofuel companies

Grains prices are soaring all over the world as many countries experience food shortages

Multiple international entities including the United Nations are pointing fingers at ethanol and biofuel for adding to the food crisis

Biofuels actually emit more GHGs than conventional gasoline

Gore travels the globe spreading climate hysteria while blaming every natural disaster on global warming

Some of the so-called “solutions” Gore recommends to eradicate global warming will increase the international usage of biofuels thereby benefiting companies he and his business partners are invested in.

Yet, to date, no mainstream press member has publicly connected the dots, or questioned Gore about any of this. Is someone going to have to turn a slideshow presentation into an award-winning Hollywood documentary for media to start recognizing and reporting Gore’s really inconvenient truth?

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