05.02.2013   06:24

A Request to the Chieftains of the Zentralrat

Augstein has witten: “Israel is threatened by Islamic fundamentalists in its neighborhood. But the Jews also have their fundamentalists, the ultra-orthodox Haredim. They are not a small splinter group. They make up 10% of the Israeli population. They are cut from the same cloth as their Islamic fundamentalist opponents. They follow the law of revenge.”
Tthe Central Council of Jews in Germany criticized Augstein’s statements, even though the council’s president Dieter Graumann has said that Augstein does not belong on the list, and Council Vice President Salomon Korn said about Augstein: “I never had the impression that what he wrote was anti-Semitic.” Perhaps the honorable Graumann and Korn could provide that much needed data concerning Haredi suicide bombers. http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/rabbi-cooper-gives-em-hell-in-berlin/2013/02/03/?src=ataglance


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