22.01.2013   20:24

Wie die Welt aussieht, nachdem Iran die Atombombe hat ...

After weeks of brutal tit-for-tat killings between Indian and Pakistani soldiers across the militarized Kashmiri border, the Indian government issued a stark warning today: Be prepared for a nuclear war. The AP reports: The notice, published Monday by the Kashmir police in the Greater Kashmir newspaper, advised people to build toilet-equipped basements large enough to house their entire families for two weeks. If there is no basement, residents should construct bunkers in their front yards, the notice advised. [ . . . ] The notice said that during a nuclear attack, motorists should dive out of their cars toward the blast to save themselves from being crushed by their soon-to-be tumbling vehicles. “Expect some initial disorientation as the blast wave may blow down and carry away many prominent and familiar features,” it advises. It also warns residents to keep people contaminated by fallout out of their shelters.


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