21.01.2013   20:38

From the Jewish Hall of Shame

Mr. Augstein is preparing the ground for what Iran’s Ahmadinejad and the Palestinian fascists would like to do to the Jews, as Richard Wagner was responsible for the transition from Bayreuth (the Wagnerian centre in Germany) to Auschwitz’s gas chambers. After the Wiesenthal Center declared war on the Western defamers of the Jewish people, what did Europe’s Jewish leaders, representatives, journalists and rabbis do to support this anti-hate campaign? They stayed silent or they blamed the Wiesenthal Center itself.,, Or to confirm the old expression “don’t provoke the Nazis”, some of them even attacked the journalist who had the courage to exposé Mr. Augstein, Henryk Broder.
Salomon Korn, vice president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, said Mr. Augstein’s writings are not anti-Semitic. Despite his “hideous” articles, the inclusion of Augstein trivializes all the others on the list, added Dieter Graumann, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/12752?#.UP2YMs2g5DF


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