07.01.2013   11:10

Gentechnisch veränderte Organismen spalten die Umweltbewegung

Die New York Times berichtet: In case you missed the coverage and commentary yesterday, you can now watch Mark Lynas, the British writer and environmentalist who once helped drive Europe’s movement against genetically engineered crops, apologize for those actions and embrace this technology as a vital tool for ending hunger and conserving the environment. He spoke yesterday at the Oxford Farming Conference at Oxford University. The arc of Lynas’s fascinating career is in some ways neatly encapsulated by two acts at Oxford — throwing a cream pie in the face of Bjorn Lomborg, the skeptic of eco-calamity, at a book signing there in 2001, yelling “pies for lies”, and now echoing more than a few of Lomborg’s assertions in his lecture at the Oxford Farming Conference on Thursday.


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