03.01.2013   23:03

Europas dreckiges Geheimnis

beschreibt der Economist in seiner neuesten Ausgabe so: While coal production and use plummet in America, in Europe “we have some kind of golden age of coal,” says Anne-Sophie Corbeau of the International Energy Agency. The amount of electricity generated from coal is rising at annualised rates of as much as 50% in some European countries. Since coal is by the far the most polluting source of electricity, with more greenhouse gas produced per kilowatt hour than any other fossil fuel, this is making a mockery of European environmental aspirations…. Policy uncertainties are growing. Faced with such uncertainties, businesses are doing what you would expect: going elsewhere. Jesse Scott asked European energy utilities which also have an international portfolio where they were expecting to invest over the next few years; 85% replied “outside Europe”.

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