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UK: Regime Change Begins At Home

The EU is in the process of turning itself into a state but is, nevertheless, an important weapon in the fight against the liberal, democratic, national state, of which the biggest and strongest is the United States. It is because we believe in the basic ideas that underpin that country and its allies, such as Australia, that we write in their praise.

We also believe that it behoves United Kingdom to break its relations with the managerial, regulatory, unaccountable, undemocratic system that the EU is and throw in her lot with the liberal democracies of the world. We should stand up against the system that the tranzis wish to impose on all of us. That is why we write about these organizations and their behaviour. We see the EU as part of that system and are convinced that we cannot discuss one without the other.

Beyond democracy and accountability, it is a question of freedom – of free states and free people, neither of whom should be submerged into the ideology created by a certain number of self-selected groups and individuals who take it upon themselves to try to produce a political order for the world. http://eureferendum.blogspot.de/2005/03/euroscepticism-in-world.html

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Wie in Amerika: Schäuble für Direktwahl eines Europa-Präsidenten
In einem Interview der “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung” sagte Schäuble, er wünsche sich eine europäische Regierung, die vom Parlament gewählt wird, so wie der Bundestag den Bundeskanzler wählt: “Oder ein europäischer Präsident würde direkt vom Volk gewählt, so wie in Frankreich und Amerika. Wenn wir Europäer einen von uns direkt zum Präsidenten machen könnten, in einer demokratischen Wahl, das wäre doch was, meine ich!”


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