15.12.2012   07:18

Let’s Go!

Marine Le Pen: You know, I am a strong opponent of the European Union, which I call the European Soviet Union, because I think she puts a real totalitarian system in place.

Stefan de Vries: So what would according to you be the solution to the crisis?

Marine Le Pen: The solution would be to agree that the euro is dead and that we should stop saving it with all kinds of plans which are ruining the people and that makes them slaves to the debt. We should get our national currency back, so we can export again, and to find growth again.

Stefan de Vries: So you think that France should leave the euro?

Marine Le Pen: I think we should all leave the euro. The only country that really benefits from the euro, is Germany. But in reality it is a suit that is too big for some and too small for others.

Stefan de Vries: Now this week, the European Union gets the Nobel Prize. What’s your opinion about that?

Marine Le Pen: I don’t know if I should laugh about it or cry about it. Because the reality is that this so-called Europe of Peace, is the Europe of an economical war. A war with no mercy that has created millions and millions of jobless. The Eurozone has made the most poor people in the whole world the last ten years. So of course Europe does not deserve this prize, but it’s even an insult to the people who are suffering a lot. http://jn1.tv/video/news/jj1212gc11-lepen-air.html


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