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Ronaldos Millionen für Gaza

World’s most expensive footballer Cristiano Ronaldo donates €1.5mn to children in Gaza.
Real Madrid iconic forward Cristiano Ronaldo has donated €1.5 million to Palestinian children in Gaza, the Arabic version of the club’s Classico network reports. The star forward gave his Golden Boot which he earned in 2011 to the Real Madrid foundation. The Spanish giants in their turn sold it at auction and will now donate the funds to schools in Gaza.
Vielleicht wäre es eine gute Idee, diese Spende nicht ganz ohne Auflagen weiterzureichen. Ein Blick in die Lehrpläne sollte schon drin sein. Memri berichtete:

New Program In Gaza Schools Teaches Military Skills, Cultivates ‘Resistance Spirit’

The program was presented at a convention attended by Education Ministry officials and the National Security commander and officers. The Education Ministry’s director of curricula, Muhammad Sayyam, said that each school would be assigned a National Forces officer who would teach the pupils along with the physical education teacher. He added that the Futuwwa program has two parts: a practical part, involving the teaching of military skills through activities like marching, foot drills, obstacle courses, war games and civil defense exercises; and a theoretical part, involving classes on military values like order, cleanliness, discipline, obedience, sacrifice, patriotism, manliness, courage, morality, security and society, confidentiality and precautions against enemy spies.[5] On another occasion, Sayyam said that a program of this sort had been implemented in Gaza under Egyptian rule, but had been discontinued after the Israeli occupation in 1967. He also said that the ministry intended to extend the program to girls’ schools.


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