06.11.2012   01:56

Politischer Kindesmissbrauch made in Pallywood

Disgusting case of political child abuse, although perfectely normal Pallywood routine: A Palestinian attempt to send kids in order to provoke the Israeli soldiers so they can film them hitting the kids or pushing them. Staged for the press that obviously was ordered to the scene in advance.
They would usually manipulate and edit the film so it will seem like it’s the soldier’s fault, which would be shown on CNN evening news. However good job of the soldiers who stayed calm and reasonable.
This shows why the IDF is known as the world’s most humane army. I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened to the kids if it wasn’t an Israeli soldier but a Syrian/Iranian/Egyptian/Russian/Chinese etc… they wouldn’t have survived to tell the tale, neither them nor the camera guys.
I actually wouldn’t even dare to mess with Bavarian Police Officers like that.


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