12.10.2012   15:34

“Behead all those who insult the Prophet”

Muslims make up a vastly disproportionate number of the inmates in many Western jails. That is not because of “discrimination.” The free-thinking psychologist and writer Nicolai Sennels, who worked with Muslims in Denmark that had been convicted of serious crimes, reports how these inmates rarely feel any personal responsibility for what they have done. They usually see themselves as innocent victims of outside forces. In their own minds, these Muslims never do anything wrong, but many wrongs are imposed upon them by others. The TV host, columnist and author Michael Coren covered a 9/11 vigil in Toronto, Canada, in 2012. At the same time, Muslim protesters clashed with the police in Sydney, Australia during a wave of unrest against an obscure movie that mocked Islam. They carried slogans such as “Behead all those who insult the Prophet.”


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