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A Call from Vienna

Dear Mr. Broder,
I hope this email finds you well.  I am a friend of Dr. XYZ and we met during a conference she hosted at RAND, while I was working on her team.

I am currently serving as a Gender Advisor at the OSCE here in Vienna and wanted to reach out to you about our campaign on the 16 days of activism against gender violence. This global campaign will kick off on 25-november and is aimed at global advocacy against Gender Violence. Here at the OSCE we will work to raise awareness on violence against women in the region. One of our key priorities is understanding the role of the media in exacerbating violence.

I am curious if you think the newspaper would be interested in publishing an op-ed either by myself or a higher ranking Ambassador with whom I work. I think it might be a great chance to move these issues forward.

Kristen Cordell
Gender Advisor
OSCE, Vienna
Office: +43 1 51436 6209
Mobile: +43 664 88474878

See also:
The Office of Gender Advisor (OGA) is mandated to implement Security Council Resolutions 1325 (2000) on women, peace and security and 1820 (2008) on Sexual Violence, and to promote and support gender sensitive approaches to implement the Mission’s mandate guided by the DPKO Policy directive on Gender Equality in UN peace keeping Operations. http://unmil.unmissions.org/Default.aspx?tabid=3951&language=en-US

Develop a national gender policy implementation plan using participatory methodologies; work with the regional executive members to set goals for each region for the implementation of the policy; design, implement and evaluate gender equality programs for two regional YMCAs outside of Accra; support the development of targeted membership drives to increase female membership at the Ghana YMCA. http://www.yci.org/html/who/full_story.asp?item=3649

The Gender Advisor plays a key role in ensuring the quality of IRC Pakistan’s program interventions.  The Gender Advisor is responsible for increasing the understanding of IRC program and program support staff as well as Alliance/Consortium and other local NGO/CBO partners on gender issues.  The Gender Advisor is responsible for providing technical support to program staff to ensure that gender is adequately addressed within new and existing programs.

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